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Samar Ziadat graduated with an MSc from the University of Edinburgh’s College of Art in 2016. When she’s not ranting about race or feminism, she’s googling pictures of little dogs. You can follow her on instagram and twitter, or read her articles here.


Yasmine Ziadat is an undergraduate history and politics student with an interest in current affairs and sassing the patriarchy. If she’s not taking selfies or watching cat videos, you can find her exploring London in search of coffee, music and museums. You can follow her on instagram, twitter, or read her articles here.




Annabel Amin is a student currently living in Paris who likes hip-hop, pop culture, selfies, and wants all the girls in the world to be friends. Her favourite album of 2015 was Carly Rae Jepsen’s EM•OT•ION. You can follow her on instagram or read her dardishi articles here.



Zeena Beale is in her fizenanal year of studying Music at Homerton College, Cambridge University. She hopes to carry on her studies at Cambridge next year on the Music Studies MPhil programme, specialising in Ethnomusicology. Alongside her interest in academic music, Zeena is a keen violinist, clarinetist and occasional singer. You can follow her on twitter or read her articles here


Bayan Dahdah is a Palestinian architect turned filmmaker, with some photographs in between, and based in Doha, Qatar. With either her head in the clouds or her body at the ocean floor, she’s always got a camera in hand. She is also currently working on her first short film, but you can follow her semi-adventures on twitter, instagram, and her website, or you can read her articles here.



Samara Jundi is a British-born Lebanese, Palestinian and Turkish student who is committed to the liberation of women, not laughing at men’s jokes and a better ending for Rory Gilmore. You can follow her on twitter and tumblr, or read her articles here.




Amani A. is a designer and maker who gets up to all sorts (namely, trying to make friends with people’s pets) in London, England. She spends a lot of time thinking about cultural identity, body politics, material culture, where to explore next, and what’s for lunch. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter

Nooran A. is an undergraduate student majoring in economics and political science. When she’s not daydreaming about Palestine’s liberation, she’s listening to Fairouz or reading. You can follow her on instagram here.

Norah Abdul is a Saudi medical student, with coffee, words, and sarcasm running through her veins. If you don’t find her studying for her million and one exams, she’s probably lost somewhere in Hogwarts. You can follow her on twitter.

Tala Ah is a proud mother of two (cats) and hopes to be an official cat lady in the future. Based in Amman, this 22 year old is a full-time weirdo and part-time hipster who enjoys long existential monologues and all things artsy. To see more of Tala’s work, you can follow her on instagram.

Sarah Almutairi is a Kuwaiti born student at University of the Arts London with a 4 year itch—constantly moving around the world. Her favourite photographer/filmmaker is Stanley Kubrick. She also enjoys eating soft serve ice cream. You can follow her on twitter and instagram.

Ruba Al-Sweel is an apolitical Arab who often finds herself in political protests on her way back from school. When she is not busy being apolitical, she is a student at Sciences Po, Paris. You can find her on TwitterInstagram, and her apolitical podcast Broads Who Brain.

Celine Anderson is half African American, half Egyptian, and 100% everyone’s favorite NOC (Nerd of Color). She is entering her sophomore year at Swarthmore college. You can check out her instagram here.

Mariam El Ashmawi is an Egyptian undergraduate political science student living in Cairo, Egypt. If she’s not in the middle of binge reading anything, from historical fiction to quirky Chick Lit, she’s ranting about socialism or writing poetry. You can often find her on twitter and tumblr.

Salma El-Wardany is a half Egyptian, half Irish writer who thoroughly enjoys defying stereotypes. She’s pretty bored of hearing Arabs, Muslims and bombs in the same sentence, so she’s currently working on her debut novel, Burkas & Bikinis, to shake things up a bit. You can find her on her blog and on Instagram.

Iman Khakoo is a sixth-form student from London, hoping to study History of Art at university. If she’s not wandering around art galleries, she’ll be listening to 80’s music on vinyl records or watching Funny Face for the 1000th time. You can follow her on instagram.

Amal Mohamed is a Yemeni Brit living between the UK and Los Angeles. She loves cats, cookie dough and making White Feminists feel uncomfortable in her presence. You can find her twitter rants here.