How do I submit my work to dardishi?

We only accept work that is submitted by e-mail to – submissions sent through to other social media platforms will not be considered

General submissions guidelines:

We accept submissions of fiction and non-fiction writing, art, film, photography and illustration on a rolling basis. E-mail us a draft of your piece and include a short bio about yourself. This bio should be no longer than a couple of sentences and can include your social media handles if you would like it to. We will also need to know your name, age, and your pronouns – these three details will not be made public unless you ask us to. For an example of a bio you can find them attached to the bottom of any dardishi article or on our Team page. Visual work can be sent as e-mail attachments or via drop-box. Please note that we only accept work that has been submitted by people who identify as Arab and not male.

This month, we will be starting a series called ‘dardishi about books’, so we are currently looking for submissions of book reviews. The reviews should be between 150 – 300 words long, and must be on books written by Arab women.

In addition to general submissions, we also have a call for submissions every quarter that follow a certain theme. This quarter’s theme is:


From January 2017 to March 2017 we will be publishing work to do with the theme of food. The theme can be interpreted as broadly as you like, and the deadline for themed submissions is February 10th 2017.

If your first submission is not successful, please don’t be discouraged. We aim to respond to all submissions, and we also provide feedback if you are unsuccessful. If you’re feeling stuck, send us an email, and maybe we can help you develop your ideas. Otherwise, here are some starting points that could help you feel inspired for this quarter’s call out:

  • What is my personal relationship with food? Is it tied to my body image, my mood, the people that I socialise with?
  • Do I make ethical or political decisions about the food that I eat, and why do or don’t I do so?
  • Is the food that I eat and the people I share it with intrinsically tied my culture and sense of identity? How so?
  • Is there a particular person who has shaped your understanding of food? Maybe you create something about them.

What happens if my submission is accepted?

We will give you editorial feedback in order for you to develop your piece into a submission that shiiiines. Every piece on dardishi goes through at least one round of edits. When you receive notes on a written piece, it simply means that we see places where it can be made even more powerful.

How will I know if my submission has been rejected or accepted? 

We aim to respond to all our of submissions within three weeks, however, we are a very small team and receive many submissions, so we may not be able to reply to all of them straight away. We are a small team that works on a voluntary basis, so if you don’t receive reply straight away, it’s simply because we’re making our way through our inbox. Feel free to follow up if we accept something and you haven’t heard back after two weeks!