Dardishi is an online magazine run by Arab women with a focus on writing and artwork produced by Arab women. This website was launched on International Women’s Day 2016 by co-founders, editors and sisters Samar and Yasmine Ziadat.

‘Dardishi’ is the feminine verb for ‘chitchat’ in Arabic, and the editors chose this name because the magazine’s formation was largely inspired by all the incredible conversations that they have ever had with their female Arab friends and family. The name dardishi also says a lot about the tone of the work that dardishi publishes – informal, conversational work that spurs a wider dialogue on Arab women’s issues.

It is a huge shame that the ideas, politics and experiences of Arab women are going largely unarchived. This is unfortunately because we live in a time where the media (both Arab and Western) does not represent us. Dardishi aims to showcase, support and celebrate the thoughts, feelings and talents of Arab women all over the world.

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