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5 mixes to listen to while cooking dinner

Annabel Amin  |  March 15 2017

Dazed Mix: Asmara

Short and sweet, this one’s roughly the same length of time it takes to cook rice.


Agir comme on l’entend w/ Deena Abdelwahed

More of a grower, pop this one if you’re making something a bit more ambitious.


SADAF for Novembre Magazine

Excellent way to make the person you’ve invited over think you’re really cool, which will also help a bit when what you cook is burnt.


Functions Of The Now XVIII: DJ Haram for Truants

Good for a light dance before dinner, more so when cooking with pals.


Bearcat b2b 8ULENTINA for Club Chai

This is definitely one for an oven job, don’t want to knock anything off the hob with your flailing limbs.


Image of DJ Haram by Cristobal Guerra Naranjo

Annabel Amin is a student currently living in Paris who likes hip-hop, pop culture, selfies, and wants all the girls in the world to be friends. Her favourite album of 2015 was Carly Rae Jepsen’s EM•OT•ION. You can follow her on instagram or read her dardishi articles here.


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