Samar Ziadat, Yasmine Ziadat
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Cuntry Living Interviews Dardishi

Samar and Yasmine Ziadat | August 3 2016

We’re super excited to share an interview that we had with Cuntry Living Zine, a new feminist zine based at Oxford University, for their latest issue, TT16. Zainab Majid asked us about feminism, our role models and what we’re hoping to achieve through dardishi:

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Cover image from Cuntry Living Zine & Events

Cuntry Living is a feminist collective based at the University of Oxford. You can find them on facebook and twitter, and read previous issues of their zine on tumblr.
*Cuntry Living zine is not affiliated with the wider Cuntry Living facebook group.

dardishi below:

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