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Kuwait City: Ceaseless

Sarah Almutairi | July 11 2016

The photos below are a two part series, one part shot in Souq Al Mubarikiya (Kuwait’s old souq), and the other on a public bus. My experiences at both locations were very different. Al Mubarikiya was colourful and inviting, and it had an incredibly infectious energy. I enjoyed speaking to the people at the Souq, as well as observing the way that they work. However, riding on the bus was much less welcoming. Commuting on public transport is almost unheard of for a Kuwaiti, let alone a Kuwaiti woman. I was harassed, and I felt that was largely because I am a woman. When I talked to the older men riding on the bus, many seemed shocked and even alarmed. I’d like to point out that I was sans make up, in an extra large black tee, and with my hair tied back! It was a challenge for me, but I wanted to capture what I see everyday from my own perspective.

Souq Al Mubarikiya


He behaved in such a carefree, badass manner – so we called him the date selling rockstar. Peep the glasses.



A little cellphone and phonebook, necessities.



His name is Aziz.



I took a few photos here, and ended up taking many more after almost every salesman asked for their photo to be taken. I couldn’t say no.


He is as happy as he looks.


The Bus

Version 2

Scan 4

Version 2

This particular bus driver collects his fares like this, intertwined between his fingers.

Version 3

As soon as I was about to take his photo, he pulled out these sunglasses because he claimed he’d look cooler.

Scan 6

Scan 7

Sarah Almutairi is a Kuwaiti born student at University of the Arts London with a 4 year itch—constantly moving around the world. Her favourite photographer/filmmaker is Stanley Kubrick. She also enjoys eating soft serve ice cream. You can follow her on twitter and instagram.


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