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Yasmine Ziadat | July 7 2016


Let’s talk about terrorism, shall we?


Let’s talk about the three hundred Iraqis

massacred just days before Eid

by terrorists who claim to be representing

the religion of those bleeding out on the streets.


Let’s talk about terrorism, please.


Let’s talk about how for the past century

Western intervention in the Middle East

has claimed to be for the good of humanity,

but created the climate for these very terrorists to succeed.


Let’s talk about terrorism, Tony.


Let’s talk about how you’re being held accountable

for one million lives that were lost for nil.

How do you sleep knowing you’re responsible

for what Bush called ‘God’s will’? Talk about evil.


Let’s talk about Chilcot, “damning”.


Let’s talk about how people were damned to an early grave

because your ego decided their fate.

The only thing that’s damning is that this is all too late,

and that the timing of Chilcot is a slap in the face.


Let’s talk about absolutely anything


Other than how even now you don’t hang your head low

because your ‘regret’, ‘apology’ and ‘sorrow’

is as shallow as the promises of hope

we knew were lies over a decade ago.


Let’s just talk about something we didn’t already know.


Collage by Yasmine Ziadat 


Yasmine Ziadat is an undergraduate history and politics student with an interest in current affairs and sassing the patriarchy. If she’s not taking selfies or watching cat videos, you can find her exploring London in search of coffee, music and museums. You can follow her on instagramtwitter, or read her dardishi articles here.


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