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Please, do tell me

Amal Mohamed | July 1 2016

Please, do tell me

Oh, you know of Yemen?
Please, do tell me what you’ve heard – because
Trust me, I’ve looked
And I’ve searched
And I’ve read
into the Islamic State
and Al Qaeda
and about that one jihadist in Aden
and about US Foreign Policy
and about foreign aid budgets, and whatnot

But you know, it’s weird
Because I didn’t read about the cluster bombs sent from the UK
Or, for that matter, the MSF hospital bombed by Saudi Arabia
And, as much as I tried,
I just couldn’t seem to find the article that detailed the bullets hitting
My uncle’s car
As he drove
My grandmother to safety
But, maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough


Collage by Yasmine Ziadat.

Amal Mohamed is a Yemeni Brit living between the UK and Los Angeles. She loves cats, cookie dough and making White Feminists feel uncomfortable in her presence. You can find her twitter rants here.


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