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Dardishi About: Fatima Al Qadiri

Annabel AminΒ  | Β May 28 2016

Discovering Kuwaiti artist, musician, and composer Fatima Al Qadiri is something I still think about often. Coming from a family of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers, I had never been exposed to a “creative” Arab before. In this open love letter, I talk about the resonance of the first Al Qadiri video I ever watched, and why, almost five years on, she remains so important to me.


Annabel Amin is a student currently living in Paris who likes hip-hop, pop culture, selfies, and wants all the girls in the world to be friends. Her favourite album of 2015 was Carly Rae Jepsen’s EMβ€’OTβ€’ION. You can follow her on instagram or read her dardishi articles here.

dardishi below:

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