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The Fisherman’s Market

Bayan Dahdahย  | ย March 8 2016

This photo-series captures a gloomy morning down at the fisherman’s market on the corniche in Doha, Qatar. There is no fresher source of fish; with the fishermen coming in at 7am to immediately unload their catch to be sold. Even at the earliest of hours, you will find loyal and local customers there daily, coming to buy the catch of the day.


Distressed Dhow


This man, Abu Jihad, is spending his retirement by coming here everyday at 5am to fish.


Not their day.


Abu Jihad explaining his tactics to me.


Straight from the boat to the customers.



Fish merchant’s bling.



Customers aplenty.



The ones left behind.





Bayan Dbayanahdah is a Palestinian architect turned filmmaker, with some photographs in between, and based in Doha, Qatar. With either her head in the clouds or her body at the oceanย floor, she’s always got a camera in hand. She is also currently working on her first short film, but you can follow her semi-adventures on twitter, instagram, andย her website, or you can read her articles here.




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